Sunday, 3 March 2013

Wedding Dress

So, I haven't been very good at this blogging have I!

The new year began very busy for me.  A couple of large rush orders kept me on my toes I can tell you, but more on that later.

I wanted to show you a wedding dress I made for a client.

Isn't it lovely!  I really enjoyed making it and loved the way it looked when it was finished.

The client came to me with a photo and I was lucky to find a similar pattern  New Look 6723 and made a couple of changes.

This was made with lovely Duchess Satin and silk lining.  Yummy stuff to work with.  With instruction from me, off she went to Cabramatta (great for Bridal Fabrics!) to buy the fabric. (Van Hung Fabrics) She also bought some tulle as we were going to put in a layer of this, but in the end it wasn't needed.

I did make a toile.  I always do.  It saves so many problems at the end.  Much easier to get it right at this stage.  Only a couple of fitting issues.  I narrowed the front neck by 1" and another inch at the back neck.  We shortened the waist by 2".  The waist on this dress sits very low, and wasn't quite the look we wanted.

Some of the fabric was taken out of the sleeve head.  Being a thick, stable fabric, I wanted to be able to ease the head as much as possible without any unsightly gathers.

The pleats were the allowance for the gathering.  Instead of gathering I made pleats to line up with the princess seams.

An attached sash was added along with a cute little bow.  The length was shortened by 2".

The dress is fully lined, except for the sleeves, and has an enclosed hem too.

I really enjoyed making this dress and was very happy with the finished article.  

This is the binding on the sleeve.  It's so neat, much better than looking at overlocking.

  Front and back views.

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  1. Looks fabulous. Better photo than on the review too! ;)

  2. Good on you for making the dress. No chance we could see the pictures a little larger is there? When I clicked on them they are still the size they appear on the blog.
    You have my mouth watering for a trip to Sydney for fabric hunting...

    1. Hi Steph,

      If you click on the Flickr link there are bigger photos.

      Thanks for your comments.